Tuesday, July 17, 2012


haven't written here in a while...I've been swamped and mobbed by the four jobs, school, unpacking the new apartment and whatnotery. It feels like I never have enough time or hours in the day. And yet I am getting to do some incredible things, like starting on my master thesis project! I guess I am really learning to take one step at a time and trust that if I keep moving forward things will get done.

There are so many things flooding my head these days and the time to process those thoughts feels terribly illusive, like fairies in a child's garden just beyond reach and around the corner. I have such good intensions of being prepaired and ahead of myself and then suddenly life shows up and smacks the table throwing everything up in the air. How do I keep present when the present zooms by at lighting speeds? I hope maybe soon there will be some quite time for rest and reflection but who knows.

I have been taking a photography class at Art Center and here a few shots from class....

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