Tuesday, July 17, 2012

lovely thoughts on love

i love,

          once i loved,
                               i will love again.

once i fell in love with someone after we had fallen apart. for ages now that love has grown. it moves deeply and fondly into a space where it is transformed into something different and other that i thought it would be. i find prayers and kisses on my tongue not so filled with my own desire for reconnection but rather that this one i love be blessed and become the wonder of star and light that i know he can be.

         i love now one whom i do not know beyond the comments and connections with people i know           and love. i rest in the fact that of what will be will be. maybe my love of this image of a man will come in contact with the real being and i will learn how to love him or from a side line i will have this mythical spiritual love and let the beauty of that loving flow through me.

                          i trust that someday *hopefully soon, this girl ain't getting younger* i will meet
                          someone who i can love and be loved by. that eventually i will find a partner
                          with whom i can create a life...and again love will come.

     i love,

                i will love,

                                 i have loved.....

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