Monday, July 23, 2012

to see

I long for the day when your manied wounds will be transformed into wellsprings of healing and life. That the deepest desire of your heart will override the tightrope you walk between light and darkness. You were given a holy kissed being, blessed with a presence and power of greatness, I don't want to see the darkness eat that power and destroy you with it. I do not want to wake up to the news of your death because you couldn't hold on just a bit longer for love and light to win. Just like the others and the one's we've already lost I don't want to loose you yet. Please love don't let those deadly voices take hold of your heart and mind. Come out on the other side of this valley with a truth and love more solid than your time tempered hate. Let the words of a father sing blessings over you "what's happen to you you used to be so unkind, you used to curse at this poor world so what changed your mind? what stirred such compassion is a mystery to me I don't know what's happened but I like what I see." If I do wake some morning to the news that you followed jim and kurt and amy down the rabbit-hole it will break my heart, yet i will still hope and love for you.

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