Tuesday, August 07, 2012

God the painter

"God is a painter and the world his canvas"- brave new voices poet Orlando

This statement hits me solidly at 1:50am on a sunday morning. The beauty and truth of it rings endless echoes in my ears. If I could solidly live into the reality of that truth and another with it the fact that God is love and I am loved and we are all loved, how different would my world and life look. To actually live in the truth that there is freedom in that creativity and love. THIS is calling, the freedom of love to live into the Imago Dei, the call to be creatively engaging with life each and everyday. With paint on my fingers, the residue of canvases and inspiration that doesn't want to come, I think over these words running them back and forth in my mind.

God offers so much art, it literally screams "I am fearfully and wonderfully made" yet those who claim this close connection to the one who has marked and finger printed the whole of created order lack imagination and are unable to remove themselves from their child's play boxes. Why doesn't love flood down the way I saw it burst forth for a few days on the north east? How is it that the cohesion between faith and action's of care are so distanced from each other, you wouldn't imagine that they were meant to be linked?

If God is a painter, the ultimate creator and we bear God's image then why the fuck are we so damned uncreative? Why do we hide in our cloistered ghettos and freak out, wringing hand when our children want to venture out to change the world in a manner that doesn't mean knocking it out and bringing it home? Why do we run from all the spaces where God's revealing God's self? Taking on a stance of preemptive war we miss the beauty of what is being offering.

I don't want to live in fear, in a stance of protection, no I want love and generosity to come flooding out. In the smallest of ways I want to be a part of changing the world. To paint wild skys and make shift creating music and take photos and tell stories that one cannot walk away from. Because this is how one lives to bear the image of the eternal artist, how one creates beauty.

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