Thursday, October 25, 2012

sucker punches

My heart is cut with a swift knife.  The unintended image on the flickering screen in front of me viscerally draws a fast unmitigated reaction. I grieve for that which you are not even aware enough to sorrow over in yourself, so blinded by the warring factions which want to eat you whole. Is it my long healed broken heart that cries out or the prophetic voice which somehow sees you in a purer form?
This punch to the gut comes out of nowhere and leaves me so oft kilter that I have to unpack it's root and origin. I wonder if that matters, we are ages and miles and thoughts apart and yet hidden ties and tethers still hold us in loose connection. And so because I love you I am moved and hurt, for love whether the kind that leads to two people rolling around in the sheets or whether that of mother and child, requires suffering and sacrifice. For love costs because asks us to offer up part of ourselves. So I bare the ache and mark because love reigns and love wins...

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