Friday, December 07, 2012

attempting to walk away

I lied to you, told a little was this, it didn't take days or weeks for me to like you...I like you was interested the moment I met you. But we ladies aren't suppose to want or admit our desire so something in me held back, truth be told again something in me still holds back. I knows or says it knows that you are not capable of being present with me, that you my dear are not here. But I ignore that voice to a point and keep barreling along breaking and hiding the tiny pieces of my heart, hoping for the movie ending instead of reality. The reality is that really for now at least this should end. I want to much and you have little to give...and that coupled with all the other chaos in your life, means it breaks you for us to be like this. Even as I hold you or you hold me that tenderness sears you deep. Your chaotic heart and mind can't process the love or whatever you call it that I could offer. Too raw is your untangling, too close to the source of it all. Do you know that I would split and do split myself for you, try as be as I can to be a harbor. Even still to your night-vision eyes my harbor looks as vast and consuming as the ocean. So this then should be set down. I should give up the fight and walk away. 

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