Wednesday, November 09, 2016

I don't have words today. I am struggling to understand, and I am mad and afraid. I am terrified for LGBQT, Non white, non "Christian" friends this morning. I am worried for my nieces and nephew and my godchildren, for how the next four years will alter their lives, their hope, and their faith.

As a woman I am nervous for all female identified persons, how much more abuse will we suffer in a country that already can't deal with the reality that it is a rape culture.

As a person of faith I am nervous how much more distanced and marred the public practice of my faith will be...will Jesus be ransacked as Mohammad has been?

And yet there are little cracks of hope as well, several places in my country chose to upend bigoted entrenched power, several states elected nonwhite non male and non straight leaders to represent them.

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