[Jessi Knippel, MA, ABD]

educator. thinker. artist. academic. researcher. consultant.

Above all, Jessi is a collaguist, she thinks and creates in overlaps and intersections building connections that are dynamic and challenging


Jessi is a Intersectional Feminist Scholar, Educator, Artist who lives with her spouse and children in Southern California. She has a BA in Theatre and Religious Studies, Three MA's (two in the interplay of Media/Art and Religion) and the other is in Religion and Gender Studies. She is currently in the final stages of an interdisciplinary PhD at Claremont Graduate School in Religion and Gender Studies with a Media Studies concentration and certifications in Gender Studies and College Teaching. She has training in Gender Studies, Media Studies, Ethical and Accessible Pedagogies and Design for Teaching, Existential Relational Therapeutic Methods, Digital Humanities, Religious Studies, Art and Theology. Her research interests and publications include the History of Witchcraft, Witch trials and Colonialism, Post/Ex Evangelicals, Evangelicalism in the US, US Religious History, New Religious Movements, Sex "Cults" and High Control Groups, Syncretism and Folk Practices in Religion and Pop Culture and Religion.